Tough days

Fishing has been tough these past few weeks, seems most have had it rough with a lucky guide here or there parking on a spot n cleaning up where the five before n six after are fishless.. there’s a few guesses as to why but it’s these rare times that remind us how good we […]

Tailing reds at dunrise

Half day trips are the thing right now with the high temps n early morning redfish feeding frenzy. Two person trips for half day have been fairly easy to limit on reds n usually enough time to try for a few drum…

Rain for reds

The rain has raised the water level in the back lakes n reds are thick.. airboats are the way right now with excellent numbers of slot as well as oversized reds being taken.

Cedar bayou

Cedar is all but closed after last weeks storm surge barely flowing a trickle at high tide but you can still coax a few to bite in the surf but be prepare to work for them.


The babes tournament proved a tough one for many of the teams this year. A lot didn’t even bother to weigh in that elusive red being the cause of so many teams dismay. For those that found a hungry red they were either too small of too big to be of any help. But all […]

Babes on bay prefish

There’s lots of big trout out there still n rumors of great trout n reds south of cove harbor but up north it’s gunna be a challenge to find that big red that usually determines the winner at babes… looks to be windy this weekend so expect every weather broke cove n shoreline to be […]